Greenpoint Open Studios: September 25-27, 2009

Greenpoint Open Studios is a weekend long event celebrating a burgeoning art scene in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It is a collaborative effort between artists, organizations, businesses and volunteers to build a creative platform in which all members of the community can foster and contribute to a support system that encourages the sharing of ideas and relationships. As artist studios and exhibition spaces continue to emerge in the neighborhood we hope to facilitate the growth of a thriving art community.

We are currently registering artists interested in participating in the event. All forms and mediums of creative practice are welcomed and everyone is encouraged to organize activities or assist throughout the weekend. There are no set guidelines other than to make the space available during event hours. We are also looking for local businesses and donors to aid in covering costs of the event from fliers and postcards to napkins and bags of ice. Volunteers are the feeding backbone of GOS and we’ll need all the organizational help possible from logo design and blog maintenance to promotional distribution and bartending.

If you’d like to be a participating artist, sponsor, donor or volunteer for the event, or have any questions send us an email at Until then, please check the blog for updated information and details!
Thank you!


About Joann

I write about art as a means to create chaos amidst order.
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  1. Carolin wood says:

    I am interested in participating and volunteering.

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